We are currently working on the Springer volume of BAI2013 (editors: Jan Romportl, Eva Zackova, Kevin Warwick). Meanwhile, you can check our two previous Springer volumes from BAI2012 and BAI2011:

Beyond Artificial Intelligence: The Disappearing Human-Machine Divide (BAI2012)

Beyond Artificial Intelligence: Contemplations, Expectations, Applications (BAI2011)

Conference proceedings

You can download the electronic version of the conference proceedings here.

Online video streaming of the conference

The conference was broadcast online using Google Hangout on Air. Please follow our Google+ Page for more info. The videos are accessible on our YouTube channel.

Online comments

The conference is Twitter-friendly: just tweet your comments during the talks with #BAI2013talk hashtag. The commentators and chairs will monitor these tweets and will bring them forward after the talk as a part of the discussion.

Beyond AI: Artificial Golem Intelligence

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Keynote speakers: Rachel Armstrong, Ron Chrisley, Hamid Ekbia, Ben Goertzel, John Storrs Hall, Jana Horakova, Anders Sandberg, Brian Cantwell Smith, Jaime del Val, Kevin Warwick, Joanna Zylinska. More details on the Keynotes page.

The third annual international conference Beyond AI will focus on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). However, instead of asking where the AGI field stands and what methods and algorithms we should explore, we want to find answers to this question:

Why is AGI a holy grail of the AI field?

Interdisciplinary dialogue between experts from engineering, natural sciences and humanities is strongly encouraged. Contributions to the following and other similar topics are welcomed:

  • History of AGI (AGI as the original goal of AI research; pursuit of cybernetic brain; AI and cybernetics; dissolution of AI into engineering; AGI rise & fall & rise) 
  • Nature of Intelligence (alternatives to AGI; natural and artificial intelligence; humans as AGI; externalism and extended mind; whole-brain emulation)
  • Risks and Ethical Challenges (cognitive biases; switching off AGI; AGIs as slaves; responsibility of AGI’s agency)
  • Faith in AGI (AGI and Genesis 1:26; Rabbi Loew & AGI & Golem; Shemhamphorasch in silicio; Kabbalah in AI labs)
  • Social and Cultural Discourse (us & the others; gender in humans and AGIs; social and narrative construction of AGI; science fiction as social reality; cross-cultural perception)
  • Invoking Emergence (multiagent systems; neural networks as the second best way to implement a solution; is GOFAI dead?)
  • AI and Art (cyborg and robot design; uncanny valley; cyberpunk art; machines as artists)

The official language of the conference is English. The papers recommended by the Programme Committee on the basis of a double-blind peer review process will be published in the conference proceedings. Similar to the last years, authors of the accepted papers will have an opportunity to extend their papers after the conference and include them in the proceedings that will be offered to Springer for publication.

Link to Call for Papers (PDF)